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David Wayne


Hello, Thanks for visiting my website.


My name is David Wayne. I am a musician, songwriter, recording engineer, and have been involved with music since I can remember. From an early age I was drawn to music. I love all types of music and have been interested not only in the sound that my instrument of choice produced but interested in how sounds can be manipulated by working with their frequencies thus my interest in sound engineering.


I started off playing drums and quickly turned to guitar which has remained my main instrument of choice. I picked up all sorts of instruments along the way but remained connected to the string instruments like bass and guitar. I play piano parts enough for my composing but not polished enough to perform live.


As the years rolled by I joined bands and performed all of my life. Bands of all kinds, rock, county, blues and some jazz. I never pursued jazz too much mostly because of the more advanced knowledge of theory required to pursue such a demanding genre. I wasn't able to keep up with those caliber musicians. But having said that I wasn't drawn to that style of play anyway. I was drawn to a more simple way of communicating my talent. That's where my heart was. More from a gut slow bending of the strings feeling as opposed to composition scoring. (ie reading music lol)


I am reminded of what BB King said years ago. Simplicity is the key. He told a story of when he played after Stevie Ray Vaughn at a concert when they were both showcased. Stevie was a great blues player and played more complex licks. BB King said when he came on stage after Stevie he played one note and the crowd went wild and cheered loudly. Then BB King said that's the one note Stevie's been searching for all night.


So the moral of the story is do what you love to do. If your drawn to playing jazz licks like Pat Metheny then go for it. If others wonder why your not doing what they think you should do just keep doing what your spirit tells you to do if that's where your heart lies. But if you are drawn to a more gut feeling blues lick then following your heart. Following your heart will guide you to success. People appreciate what you do with your talent not how much you can show them your talent. What most people look for from you is Stardom.


Stardom is not what all of us are called to do. Only God knows what you are called to do and when you see it and your ready for it you know it. It would be a boring place if everyone were a big glamours star. But that's what the humanness in us measures ones success by. The humanness says wow look at that guy he could be a star. He's wasting his talent but the whole while he is being guided by a mighty hand and in some respects he is a star already. Guided to his own purpose which may or may not be a super star but a whole person full of grace and truth. That kind of star is what I like the most. And I have absolutely no doubt that God guides some people to stardom. That is their calling. It's not mine but my calling is just as important as a calling of stardom.

As the years went on I was always drawn to the recording side but never really got involved with it in a professional way. I tried to but I let bullies down play my work and I let them discourage me. After all some people don't like new comers. Yes even those that know you well. Yep.... And those are the ones that discourage you the most. The ones that are closest to you.


Working with sound was just what I really loved to do. Period. When the cassette tape 4 track recorders came out I bought one and that's where it all began for me in the 70's. I have pretty much been a hands on learn it by trial and error kind a guy all my life. I guess from my stubborn attitude of following rules. That's why I love engineering. There are general guide lines but no written in stone rules. Yes things like sound travels down is a law that won't ever change. You can't change that but you can change the way it sounds as it's going down. That's the part I like.


One of the things I love about recording is you can do things your way as long as the end product sounds good. I love the recording business because one engineer can use compression one way and another uses it another way and the recordings both bottom line as a really great product. One engineer may use EQ first and compression and another visa versa. It all depends on how each engineer hears  voicings and frequencies. Most importantly if he knows what the end product is going to sound like in his head (or ears I should say) first. If you don't know what you want it to sound like in the end how in the world will you know what processing to use?

You know as I look back a lot of people were assuming I wasn't using my talent because I was mixed up from an abusive up coming fell into alcohol, drugs failed marriages and all sorts of addictions and had no self esteem to speak of. It's like I was using my talent but something wasn't right. I just couldn't put my finger on it until that glorious day I discovered what my real calling was and my eyes were opened and my life changed. All those things alcohol, drugs etc. were robbing me from success but God never gave up on me but wow and I mean a big wow people did. I figured I was a wasted human listening to them but through all of that and all of what I learned is now applied to a new way of living that words can't convey. Sure I went up and down up and down so many times there is absolutely no way to count them but like Elton John said in his song I'm still standing.


Since then it's been completely an awesome fulfilling experience. Little did anyone or myself know God had plans for me in an area I never knew existed in me peace and contentment no matter what the out come. No music no anything just peace and contentment. Sure I knew that I had done a little recording but I never knew what God had in mind. After thousands of hours in my home studio and lots of online courses I had no idea either. lol  All I thought is I was a failure that was never going to get it and I believed it.


But that is all behind me now as I move in a direction that is both rewarding and fulfilling more than words can explain. Faith brought me through it all. Like the foot prints in the sand analogy.


So to sum up about me. I am a musician since really about the age of 8 or 9 but I really knew since before then that working with sound was what I wanted to do. I am self taught (with tons of courses along the way). Special thanks to Mike White who has inspired me along the way) His teaching is so in depth you can't help but learn. Recording for people, trailer music, audio logos, gaming music, mixing  and tons more has come tumbling down upon me now days. I do play now and again to keep in shape but this is my calling for sure.


I produced the ebook 'Home Recording Basis 101' to help young musicians get a good start and footing for taking on a home studio. The book will be released early 2020. A great year to release the ebook. It is a year long project that has finally manifested itself. By mistakes and wrong turns I was able to culminate a practical approach to building a home recording studio that will hopefully help others avoid buying the wrong criteria and save them tons of money as well. In the ebook I provide tons of guide lines to keep someone from spinning their wheels trying to figure out just what to do or where to start. I provide crucial starting points.


The ebook does not go into detail of all the particulars involved with mixing and mastering but does give a really good over view of just how to get started and organized. I compiled an extensive library of plugins listed here on this site both of free and paid versions. Someone could in actuality get started with a really decent studio for around 600.00 or maybe less. Most of the cost is the computer. I give specifications of just what they will need to purchase a smooth running daw.


In the ebook I list the several DAW's (Digital Work Stations) that are available with links to their websites. I also have links for ALL the items needed for a recording studio and I put my heart into that ebook. It's a work from my heart to help younger musicians move into a home recording studio without all the technical garble. There are plenty of ebooks on starting a home recording studio but they try to go into technical explanations instead of realizing that what someone starting out needs is a step by step guidance from the beginning to the end. Not vague info while trying to explain all the parameters of a compressor and compressor ratio's.


They will get to that. What they are looking far is how do I get things set up so I can learn compression. I feel my ebook does that because I concentrated on keeping it that way. Enough information to make an embark in home recording as painless and simple as possible yet leaving nothing of importance out. I do every now and then mention the areas to be careful of. Such as EQ, compression, and gain staging areas to look out for. But as I said I don't go into in depth theories and methods. Just for them to take note for later studies.


I plan to do several tutorials on DAW recording in the future that will go into depth. I will also do videos on compression, modulation, panning, reverberation etc.


So I thank you for stopping by my website and hope that the information in the ebook will help you. Maybe I can mix a song or two for ya.

And always remember live for God not for man. Only he knows what he is doing in your life. Just do what you love no matter how ruff things seem or what people say about you. Don't give up. Press on....

And of course keep him first !!!

Gal 1:10

God Bless !!!

David W. Aucoin

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I have attended numerous online courses as well !!!
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