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Midi Controllers

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Studio Space & Acoustics

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This is my setup


In the last few years I have recorded just about everything straight in the box and use plugins for my guitar sounds now.
The advancement in vst plugins has changed my view on recording with live amps. I do realize there are some musicians that won't make the leap but I have proven it to myself therefore my need to set up my space acoustically is of less importance.
Much cleaner recordings. Outside of the box I record vocals only. I have a booth for that. I am sold on the plugins.

Room choice - Just choose a room and go with it. Clear it out and follow some of these links below to set it up. Most of us just starting out have to adapt with what we have. So just start working on it and make it work. I have some links that may help.

Room arrangement - This site 151 Home Recording Studio Click Here has tons of photos of actual home recording studios. By going through them you can find a setup that you like and build around it.

Insulation - Start with this link How to improve Room Acoustics in your home studio Click Here and then just start searching the internet and find as many sites that have information. This section on studio space and acoustics will weigh heavily on your own initiative and research. All situations are different and will require the individual attention. This is the best advise I found on the internet for me.

Console set up - Resort to this site again 151 Home Recording Studio Click Here to get ideas of how you think you would feel comfortable. Are you left handed? You probably won't like the way mine is set up. I think by now your getting the ideal a lot of building your own studio is a lot of making your own choices. Guide lines help but the ultamte dicisions lies on you (AND LEARNING TO TRUST YOUR OWN EARS).


I do have two computers. My main DAW is Mixcraft 8 PRO and the other computer has some other DAW's I use for some things. DAW's like Reaper, FLStudio 20 etc....

USB Interface

USB Interface

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