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5 Great Digital Audio Recording DAW's

Mixcraft 9 Pro is the DAW that I am using. I just feel for the money and what it can do I fell in love with this DAW. I have Reaper and FL Studio and although they are outstanding DAW's I was drawn to Mixcraft 9 Pro.

Below are some really good ones too but this blog is to express my feelings about how awesome Mixcraft 9 Pro is.

Check them out they all have some great things about each one. Protools used to be the only kid on the block but FL Studio has made some heads turn and so is Mixcraft 9 Pro and Reaper.

1 Mixcraft 9 Pro click here

2 Ableton Live click here

3 Protools click here

4 Cockos Reaper 6 click here

5 FL Studio click here

Here is a video (Protools vs FL Studio)

Here is my opinion.

When you consider The Beatles did 4 track tape recordings and got some awesome recordings I think that the DAW's today are a good match for sounding as good if not in some cases better.

This is just my opinion. I am self taught recording engineer but I did take a some online courses from Micheal White (click here).

You can look at the different ones I picked out and see what you think.

You can let me know what you think of the DAW's of today and how you feel about Digital Recording. I'm sold on it.



David W. Aucoin


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