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3 Free vst Comprssors

Hi when it comes to free plugins there are tons of free ones. I usually go through them to check them out and I am quite amazed at how most of them are fairly good. I try not to down play any plugins on the internet so I always choose ones I can speak well of. I just feel terrible when I downplay someones hard work. But like I said there are only a few.


The first plugin is the Acustica TAN Compressor

Acustica TAn is a really nice compressor for free for sure. The TAN has the expected paramaters.





SH Mod Control


Dry / Wet

So the thing that stands out on this compressor that I though is a good feature is the sh mod control. Check it out !


#2 GeneComp Multi Compressor

If your looking for a smooth multi band compressor then this free GeneComp is a great addition to you compressor list. I personally like to comppress a little here and there along the way and when I do compress into the master bus I like this plugin because it is not a harsh hard hitting compressor and it is quite smooth too.


Works really great check it out


#3 MJUC Jr by Klanghelm

OMG I can't say enough about this compressor. I use this compressor in every project I attemp. Smooth is beyond words. As you can tell I very rarely hit compressors hard. I just never have liked the sound of hard hitting compressors but having said that they play their roll. If I have to I use IK's Brick Wall. Now thats a hard hitting limiter for sure but it still sounds great when doing so.

There are tons of free plugins out there but these are my three favorite ones to use. I have a list of other I use as well here just click the compressors tab.

I will be posting once a week different free plugins I use.

Thanks for reading

David Wayne Recording

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