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A great free synthesizer VST plugin Synth1 (perfect for producers)

Here is a solid proven synth for producers. I use this synth quite a bit and I love this particular synth for it ease of use. (click here) to download

2 Oscillators.

FM modulation.

Ring modulation.

Sync,modulation envelope.

4 types of filters.


2 LFO synchronized with host.


Tempo delay.

Stereo chorus/flanger.

Legato mode, portamento.

16 notes polyphony.

128 presets.


After you download the synth1 on the same download page look for the download 16000 presets for synth1 and click on the here. I copied what it looks like on the page.

After you have the synth1 and presets there are a couple of videos that will help walk you through setting things up.

Video 1 (Installing the preset pack)

Video 2 (Installing the Synth1 librarian) (click here) to download

So if you are a producer you may want to consider this awesome set up with 1000's of sounds.

And with the librarian to search the sounds for you it's like they say a no brainer.

For more information on VST's please visit my website


David Wayne Aucoin

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