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Best 3 Auto Pan vst plugins

I use this guy quite a bit. It's more towards a modular effect though. I just like the way it works. Very easy to use and does a great job too.

Self oscillating state variable filter

simple stereo pan slider

2 sync to host LFOs range 1-64 to 8-1

filter LFO can be routing to filter cutoff, resonnance and both

both LFOs have 5 waveforms to choose from sine, saw, pulse, triangle and ramp

This is a pretty cool little auto pan. Really fast and does a great job. It controls the pan position and volume levels of each stereo channel using points which can move automatically by controlled parameters that defines their velocity of movement.

Just a very basic auto pan. Does a great job and for free too. Not much to discuss on this one just a good basic panning plugin.

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment if you would like.

David Wayne Aucoin

David Wayne Recording

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