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Best 3 Free EQ vst's

In my opinion these are the best free EQ's.

EQ # 1 - Equilibre Equilizer

The Equilibre EQ is my top pick for free eq's I like the way it responds.

Has a nice color selection and easy to use.

Features input gain / Bar or Graph FFT / Saturation / LR - Mid - Side

Equilibre uses double precision EQ and oversampling in the critical parts of the filter structure.

This is a very good sounding equalizer with minimal digital artifacts and firm bass and analog shaped curves for that airy nice high frequencies. It has a practical and intuitive GUI. Well suited for mixing and mastering

EQ # 2 - RAX Audio N6 Equalizer

If you are looking for a basic eq that is easy to use and quick to get a good eq then the N6 is the one you may want to look into.

Various band shapes: low Pass, high pass, peak (& notch), low shelf and high shelf

Features Basic EQ features. You can click up to 6 nodes for adjustments. It's really a great little

EQ I use it a lot for quick eq'ing.

EQ # 3 - Boot EQ MKII Equalizer

And for the last EQ it is the Boot EQ MKII which has a pre amp with it. This is a console type eq and works very well. It has a vintage tube simulation. This is a good EQ to get in there and do some really great eq work with its push pull style of operation.

Thanks for taking a look and leave a comment if you would like.

David Wayne Recording

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