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Easy Noise Reduction - Audacity

Although being a free open source downloadable software product Audacity has a really great noise reduction within it.

I will give the steps here that work really well for cleaning up your podcast audios in my experience.

Step 1 - Import wave form. Change wave form to (wave form db)

Step 2 - Select bad area

Step 3 - Using the Effects tab go down to noise reduction and select it. When box opens click get noise profile.

Step 4 - Click the Get Noise Profile button

Audacity will now take a reading of the area that needs to be worked on. You can leave the setting as is or even lower then more and when you click get noise profile button it will analyze the area.

Step 5 - Now select all of the clip (Ctrl a) and Audacity will analyze the whole track based on the area you told it to analyze.

Step 6 - Now go back up to the effects tab and scroll down to noise reduction again and click it.

You can leave the suggested setting or experiment with the settingand click OK. Work with the clip until you get a clean noise reduction analyzation.

Step 7 - Just work with your audio in small adjusted settings instead of trying to remove everything at a high noise and sensitivity setting at one time You can even do it several small times. I like to do it that way because I find it works better with little adjustment at a time. Audacity download

I hope this has helped you and please leave a comment if you liked it or have questions.


David Wayne Recording

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