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Free 16 Step Quick Mixing Guide #1


If a new mixing engineer follows these 16 steps they will soon produce really great mixes.

I have been involved with recording since the days of tape and progressed with the inovative

technological changes of digital recording what used to take mixing engineers days to do can now be done in a matter of hours.

I have this 16 step check list for new mixing engineers. It helps to keep them in the right direction of their mix. I also have a 16 step quick mixing guide # 2 that has a little bit more info per step and I will soon be finished with my home recording studio ebook coming out.

16 Step Quick Mixing Guide # 1 by David Wayne Aucoin

1- Import Stems

2- Organize Tracks

3- Set Up Send Tracks

4- Set Up Sub Mix Tracks

5- Set Up Master Buss

6- Gain Staging

7- Rough Mix

8- Panning & Processing Ideas

9- Check Phasing Issues

10- Additive & Subtractive Eq

11- Rough Mix (Evaluation)

12- Re-Amping

13- Compression

14- Effects Processing

15- Automation & Techniques

16- Sub Mix & Mix Bus Processing


Mixcraft 9 PRO ------ An awesome DAW

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