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Free Amp Simulator VST Free Amp 3 (David W. Aucoin)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

(click here) to download Free Amp 3


As I have mentioned before in many blogs I do use free plugins quite a bit. On my website I have several listed. I have them marked with FREE in red next to them. The ones that are marked are the ones I have used over the years but you can find tons here VST4FREE


Free Amp 3 is a multi guitar amp-sim, with built-in Guitar synth.

Includes Guitsyn, a built-in guitar synth

7 different amp types

7 different EQs, all have there own controls for comparison

6 speakers, plus bypass, adjustable by the mic placement

Separate MIDI volume control, can be placed pre or post amp

Host Sync and Tap Tempo for Tremolo and Delay

Noise gate

Tremolo, Triangle and square modulators

2 compressors, pre and post amp

Wah can operate by MIDI CC, plus has auto features

Drive pedal, with a choice of seven overdrive types

Chorus with added filter


Phase Shifter

Delay and Reverb

128 factory presets

Please watch the video below

Thank You and please visit my website

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