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Free EQ Equilibre (David W. Aucoin)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

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This EQ for free is an awesome eq. I think it does a great job and I like the features.

1. Input gain

2. Saturation bar

3. I like the look of it. The colors are cool.

4. I really love the bars & graph settings.

I have put this EQ up against some that I have paid a lot of money for and it matches of with the best of them.

It's my go to EQ.

Equilibre uses double precision EQ and oversampling in the critical parts of the filter structure.

This is a very good sounding equalizer with minimal digital artifacts and firm bass and analog shaped curves for that airy nice high frequencies. It has a practical and intuitive GUI. Well suited for mixing and mastering.

  • High pass filter (2-8 pole).

  • Low shelf filter (2 pole).

  • 4 peak filters (2 pole).

  • High shelf filter (2 pole).

  • Low pass filter (2-8 pole).

  • Indicator lights on each band

  • Mute / solo on each band.

  • Stereo, mid or side processing on each band.

  • A|B comparison buttons.

  • Input level knob.

  • Saturation amount knob.

  • FFT display with bars or graph.

  • RMS and peak meters.

  • Frequency response graph with controllable nodes.

  • Left click mouse over and under node center to change Q.

  • Off/On switch.

  • Ctrl + left mouse click to default knobs.

  • Shift + left mouse click and drag to get precise knob movement.

I hope you visit my website for ebooks and general information listed in my Mixing and Mastering section. I have tons of links that I worked on and you can find free and paid vst's. I have done the searching for you.


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