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Here is another great free drum vst plugin SSD 5.5 Steven Slate drums.

This is just a quick post about 2 awesome drum vst plugins that sound awesome. Free plugins. I feel it's always a good thing to look for donation buttons if you can to support their efforts to help producers.

SSD 5.5 Free Steven Slate drum plugin (Click here) to download.

Get the fully-functioning, never-expiring SSD 5.5 demo with one incredible Deluxe 2 Kit, as well as a Classic “mix-ready” processed Slate snare, and three unique kit presets including “Deluxe 2 Free”, “Hugo”, & “Dry n’ Tight” for FREE.

There are so many great free plugins and most of them are fully functional. They offer them with the hope you will consider the paid versions and in many cases I have done just that because with paid versions you have tons of settings, more kit options, more preset etc.

I will say this though, with most free plugins they offer pretty much everything you need. But I always like to look for donation buttons if they have them.

For more information on drum plugins please visit my website (click here) then go to drums button.

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