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Mixcraft 9 Pro Digital Work Station (A great DAW)

Just wanted to post a blog about Mixcraft 9. I have personally used mixcraft since 2007

So I am very up on the power of this DAW. The industry only acknowledges ProTools as the go to DAW for upcoming mixing engineers but I will say having tried ProTools, Reaper, FL Studio and other DAW's my choice is Mixcraft. There are only a few things that Mixcraft may lack from the others, but it is only cosmetic.

For example the track color pallet only has the main colors for color coding the tracks (Red,Blue,Green,Orange etc) where as on the others you can custom color. Which is not a problem for me the colors mixcraft offers is plenty good enough . Also on the other DAW's you can change the themes. On Mixcraft you only have a couple of themes to pick from where as on the others you have 100's.

I personally feel that is not a problem because as far as all the major things that need to be performed in a DAW Mixcraft performs all of those function and actually has several features above and beyond what the others offer. Mixcraft can do EVERYTHING that Protools can do and more. Like I said Protools and the others probably can do some cosmetics a little better but it's only from a cosmetic perspective.

Quite naturally Protools users will have a different perspective. But this blog is just me getting my opinion out and hopefully some engineers will take a look at this powerful program.

Do some homework of your own. Here are the sites to go to for demos and information. These are the 3 most used in studios. There are plenty more daw's out there and good ones but my experience has been that most producers I speak with use one of the three listed below.

All I ask is please check Mixcraft out I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

ProTools click here

FLStudio click here

Reaper click here

Mixcraft 9 Pro click here

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