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Solid yet powerful Free Reverb VST plugin TAL-Reverb II

Here is another free reverb vst plugin. Free yet solid and powerful giving you a really clean reverb sound for your mixes

(click here) to download TAL-Reverb II

All Tal products are worth checking out. Great vst company (click here)

TAL-Reverb II is an improved version of the successfully TAL-Reverb I.

Improvements in usablity and sound were made.

Added a simple subtractive EQ section and a stereo input mode.

Each control has its own label that shows the actual value.

This company tried to create a colorless and maximal diffuse plate reverb without grains and digital artefacts that is usable for a wide range of audio material.

Its the result of intense tuning and testing.

I think they did a great job developing this reverb vst.

Watch video below.

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